The Swedish Association of Independent Schools is a union for independent preschools and schools. Anyone who runs or considers running a preschool or school can become a member of the Swedish Association of Independent Schools.

We have approx. 600 members across Sweden, and the establishments are run by associations, cooperatives, foundations and limited companies. In total, our members run more than 1,200 establishments of varying sizes, pedagogical persuasions and working methods.

We aim to develop and increase the quality of Swedish preschools and schools, based on the pillars of choice for children, pupils and parents, equal terms for everyone involved, and a focus on quality. Preschools and schools that are members of the Swedish Association of Independent Schools share the association's ethical approach.

Influencing public opinion

The Association constantly works to improve conditions for all independent preschools and schools. By becoming a member, you will support the work to ensure that all independent preschools and schools can be run on equal terms with municipal establishments. This is achieved through working with the press, publishing reports and arranging seminars and conferences.


The Swedish Association of Independent Schools' website,, is continuously updated with new content. Here you will find relevant news and facts about independent preschools and schools. We reply to questions from journalists, authorities, politicians and the public about our activities, and expand on what we consider to be important for Swedish schools.

Our latests comments can be found in our press room. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and be kept up to date with new information. Our members receive information regularly in a separate publication.

Consultation and services

We offer advice and support to our members with regards to starting up and running their establishments. The Association also offers legal expertise in the field of school law for those in charge of independent establishments. We provide services and member benefits that contribute to making the running of an establishment easier and more effective. We can also advise on media management.


The Swedish Association of Independent Schools offers training on current topics. The training is mainly aimed at our members, but also at people who are planning on establishing an independent preschool or school.